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The idea of exhaust systems intrigued Jere Stahl as early as 1955 when he built his first “Hot Rod”.  This led to Jere creating Stahl Headers, known as Stahl Engineering in 1963.

For the next 50 years Jere Stahl became a driving force in the development, enhancement, and innovative approach to products for the racing industry. His influence reached far beyond exhaust headers to cam shafts, chassis development and a generous willingness to share his experience and knowledge with those who showed a desire to learn and were willing to show due diligence in wanting to expand their knowledge base.

Jere had a private phone number that would only be answered when he was at the shop. That number was in the phone books of a great many of the Who’s Who in the racing world. They have all learned to respect Jere’s straight forward no nonsense approach to problem solving and all who listened benefited.


In 2012 Jere told me that he was considering closing the business and selling the assets. I was sad to hear this but I certainly understood….50 years is a long time!

I told him that I would be interested in purchasing the fixtures for the C2 and C3 Corvette side exhaust headers. I have a strong interest in historic Corvettes that run in the SVRA and HSR series.  I know any Corvette that ran well back in the day seemed to be running Stahl Headers.

Well, as they say, that’s how it all started! The way it ended is that Advanced Composite Products Inc. (ACP) purchased the Corvette fixtures, along with many of the original Stahl Header jigs and fixtures. ACP also purchased all the specialty manufacturing equipment used by Stahl Headers, hired their lead fabricator, Greg Stump, and ACP Headers is up and running. We are building original design Stahl headers using the original Stahl fixtures.

ACP Headers is ready to take your order for headers, flanges and other accessories.

ACP is honored to continue the tradition of excellence and quality in building Stahl Headers, whose dedication to quality has resulted in a product that became the standard by which others are judged.

We invite you to grow with us and stay up to date on new products that will be offered by ACP Headers. Stainless Steel headers are next on our list of future products.

Please call us at the original Stahl phone number 717-846-1632 or 717-232-2800 to discuss your exhaust system needs.

Kerry Hitt, President

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